A Break..

I'm stressed.

That's not exactly the word I want to use to characterize myself during summer break nor do I want to be depressing but it's just the simple truth. Long story that I won't even pretend is short, my debit card was stolen (or rather conveniently picked up by a McDonald's employee in the window where I accidentally left it) and a 22-year-old girl went on a shopping spree that has pushed me right off the edge of compassion into downright unrighteous indignation. My days have been filled with more visits and calls than I care to count between the police department and bank. I'm hoping to be able to soon report that my financial institution has replaced the missing funds. As of right now, they have not and I'm pretty well aggravated that the tax dollars we contributed to buy out the entire industry seemingly have not purchased any accompanying customer service. I'm assuming you only get that if you have more zeros at the end of your balance than we do and if that were the case, this whole fiasco wouldn't be as much of one! If the issue isn't resolved soon, I'll be sure and let you know who it is so you can AVOID THEM LIKE THE DERN PLAGUE. I'm on the fence about whether we will keep our accounts there.

I'm sure they are devastated.

Anyway, instead of also worrying over the fact I haven't written regularly in a while, I am going to give myself permission to relax. I've got some revamping to do so I'll be gone for a little bit but hopefully back rejuvenated and ready to go at it afresh. I want to be sure and thank all of you ministry wives who filled out the Woman Beside the Man questionnaires and to apologize for not posting those as frequently as I should. You are top of my priority list when I return. Thank you for your patience!

Hope you are having a summer filled with everything you wanted to do! I'm having a long overdue yard sale the end of this week to get rid of all the things we've accumulated in the past four years. After that, it's the pool baby!

Be back soon!