Eyes Tightly Open

Last night our church observed a day of prayer for missions in remembrance of the Pentecost. Judith (our missions coordinator) led the program and showed a well-done IMB video on the fascinating Sayang people of the Pacific Rim. Afterwards, we went to the track next door to prayer walk for this virtually unreached people group.

I took the kids over with me and gave each of them a bullet point on the prayer guide to concentrate on. I noticed Number One (he's 13) looked a little perplexed but then he looks like that often. I've told you about him before, but the best way to describe him is wonderfully, naively, innocent. The kid has amazing book smarts - but the street smarts? Notsomuch.

After I'd told the kids what to pray, One looked at me and said, "Momma, can I just pray with my eyes open so I won't run in to anything?"

Just when I thought I couldn't love that precious boy more...