Welcome to the Fold...

I've just learned that three great girls whom I love have started blogs! It absolutely makes my heart sing when my friends join in my obsession. Will you be ever so precious and stop by to welcome them to BlogLand?

Amanda at I'll Try! is a member at our church and is absolutely one of the most precious teenagers you will ever meet. She has a heart for God at 18 that would rival any of us who are, let's say, older than 18. I only have one thing against her. She started a blog and didn't tell me. For all of you other church girls out there - please refer to the church covenant which states, "Lisa must be made aware of any and all blog activity within the body. Because she loves them. And she'll have her feelings hurt if I don't." I forgive you, Manda. :)


Natalie at Married to the Preacher is one of our deacon's daughter-in-laws. Did you catch that one? She and her husband Michael have just taken a new pastorate in North Carolina and have a new baby that is 6 months old. We've only gotten to spend minimal time together when she and Michael come to visit family, but I'm looking so forward to connecting with her online. I love my ministry girls and especially ones related to our own church body.


Carrie at A New Heart is one of my good girlfriends here in town. We have bonded over many a ballgame. She has a relationship with her sisters that would challenge anything on a sitcom. These girls are all stinkin' hilarious and there is nothing more fun than spending a summer on the sidelines with them. She also didn't tell me she had a blog but I have my ways of finding these things out, people. You can run but you can not hide. :)

If Amanda, Natalie, and Carrie are anything like me when I started my blog, they have no idea yet what community and friendship await them on the otherside of that computer screen. Please run by and introduce yourselves. They'll be blown away!

Thanks, girls!