Works For Me Wednesday

The past few weeks, I have been trying every conceivable way to limit drinking Diet Coke. You have no idea how painful this has been for me. Diet Coke makes me very, very happy. Because I can barely remember my own name anymore from the formaldehyde, aspertame, and other nutritious ingredients, I have decided I am going to limit the number I drink in a day. Here are a couple of things that are helping me do it:

1. I love canned drinks so I have only been refrigerating the two I am alotting myself in a day. I don't like D. Coke on ice so I am less likely to drink them if they aren't ice cold in the fridge.

2. When I do drink one, I force myself to drink twice as much water as the Diet Coke. Did I mention I absolutely hate water? My own warped sense of nutrition tells me somehow this dilutes all the cancer causing agents in the DC. And besides, shouldn't it be obvious drinking filtered sewage is so much better for you?

3. I only drink 1/2 a can at a time because, Egads! This plan is actually working! I never dreamed I would say this, but my beloved sodas are beginning to taste so sweet to me now that, [GASP], they aren't quite as good any more therefore I don't drink as much at one sitting. Now, I didn't say I like water more, just DC less. Soon, I'll dehydrate if I don't find an acceptable liquid alternative.

Don't know if any of the rest of you are detoxing, but if you are, hopefully what works for me will work for you!

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