Yay Me!

I can only pop in for a second but I simply have to share what wonderful advancements I've made into my To Do List!!

1. I just finished my taxes!!! They are filed and I am proud to say that, even though we are self-employed ministers, we broke even. Praise Jesus who is head of all rulers, principalities, and governmental agencies!

2. I've finished the itinerary/info packs for our women's retreat next weekend.

3. My living room is vacuumed.

4. I was SHOWERED AND DRESSED AND MAKEUP'd by 10:00 a.m.

5. Even though I went running this morning!

6. During the walking part of my running, me and Jesus had some prep time for the study sessions for the aforementioned retreat.

7. Did I mention I had a shower before lunch?

And now all that's left is to....

1. Wash ball uniforms.
2. And lots more clothes.
3. Load my brand new dishwasher that, praise the LORD, actually washes dishes!
(I may have to post separately on that...I'm in dishwashing heaven if there is such a thing..)
4. Write and write and write some more...Gave myself an April 1 mini deadline on the next book chapter.
5. Study and study some more to prepare for our women's retreat..Oh how I can not wait!
6. Go to 4 ballgames tonight!

I'll check back in soon! Oh, and by the way, the chatroom is a hoot....Stop by! (Because don't we all need one more reason to spend more time on the computer??)