How Fitting For The Preacher's Yard To Be Covered In Angel Softness

I don't know of anyone who doesn't enjoy a weekend, but sometimes one stands out as particularly memorable. I still have a smile on my face thinking of this one.

Friday night, our High School football team won their homecoming game by a barely-over-the goal-post 30+ yard field goal in the last seconds of the game. It was such a 'Facing the Giants' moment. It is the first victory for our boys this year so it was totally a tearjerker for me and my friend Tammy. One thing I learned? (Boys - turn your heads) A woman who has birthed four children should never jump up and down while cheering - the bladder is just not capable of this crazy momentum. Thankfully, I realized this quickly before any damage was done. Ya'll wanted to know that, right?

I also have to give props to our Quarterback Club President and choreographer, MC Munce, who orchestrated the baddest team entrance I have ever seen to Toby Mac's, "Ignition". Fresh Prince ain't got nuttin' on Munce, ya'll. Oh my goodness, it rocked - in a Jesus kind of way of course.

Emotionally exhausted, we went home and got in our pj's only to have the door bell ring a few minutes later. This is what we saw when we opened the door:

The phone call came immediately afterwards from the group of seven squealing little girls, (one of whom is my middle son's 'girlfriend') who'd done the deed. Thanks for that. Really.

And I would like to tell you this only happened Friday night - but no. Saturday night we got it again - this time by a group of boys from church. What's bad is I heard our dog, Daisy, barking but since she yaps at everything that moves in the night, I was too lazy to check. Being the good guard beagle she is, I hear she rolled right over and let BRIAN T. pet her while the boys finished the job. Good dog, Daisy. Good Dog.

Oh's mostly cleaned up now. Beware yard-rolling people whose names start with Phil and Danette, Brian and Kerri, Maury and Kim. We saved the TP and you just never know where it is going to end up. :)

One more thing before I take off - how about a shout out to my #3 Boy, Big Daddy!! Today is his 8th Birthday. Know what he asked for? To be able to skip school and sleep late. I guess you know what I said to that request.

"Sure, baby."

The kid hasn't been able to sleep in for weeks so I decided it was entirely legitimate for him to indulge on his birthday. Look how cute my kid is in this somewhat identity-guarded photo..Oh, I do love him so.

I'm off to take my birthday boy to do some fun stuff. We've got the pitiful, sick face all worked out for anyone who may wonder why he's not in school...

Ya'll have a great Monday! :)