Some Lethal Combinations

Do you ever do things and wonder, "What was I thinking?"

Last night, I made two kinds of Hamburger Helper. Yeah, I know, Loser Mom supper. That's okay cause my kids think HH is Gourmet all the way baby so I went with it. I meant to buy 2 boxes of Beef Stroganoff (their personal favorite) but ended up with a Mexican box instead. So, we had a buffet where you got to choose! (Look out Ryans) I also had corn on the cob which was very tasty by the way.

As chance would have it, there was more Mexican left and since I love all food south of the border, I ate it with the corn. Now there are two things a girl who has the stomach of a 90 year-old and snorts Nexium should not eat at 8 p.m. That would be anything that sets your mouth on fire and corn. I woke up in the middle of the night with a churning pit of lava in my stomach. Ugghh..

It was because of deadly combo #1 of Mexican HH and corn on the cob that I discovered Deadly Combo #2. Read On.

I went into the kitchen and ate 3 Rolaids. I LOVE Rolaids better than any candy so this wasn't such a big deal. But, because I ate so many, I had a bit of a chalky taste in my mouth so I decided to drink a swig of Diet Coke to wash it down. You know that Mentos/Diet Coke explosion phenomenon? Can I tell you it also works with Rolaids and Diet Coke? That stuff went spewing like a volcano out of my mouth, up my nose, and I'm certain through my ears. I thought my head was going to pop clean off my shoulders!! So, if you are up in the middle of the night with a fire in your belly, be sure you drink water with your antacid because Diet Coke + Rolaids = Certain death.

I feel it is my civic duty within the Sistahood to pass these tips along to you. You know all that talk I do about those 'unrecurring opportunities' for ministry? I do believe this was one of them and I do not want to be found unfaithful by not sharing my God-given wisdom with you, dear ones!

Consider yourself warned of yet another of Satan's schemes. :)