'I AM' Study FAQ's

I know you are so tired of me posting about this study, but I need to answer a couple of questions that are coming up frequently.

1. Is it too late to start? NO! My hope is that in the way the study is set up, you can start at any time at the beginning and simply follow along at your own pace. Don't ever feel you are behind just because I am posting several lessons ahead of you. Take your time and enjoy! If you want to post your answers on your site, simply sign the Linky under the lesson you are currently working on. Don't forget to link to your Study Post and not your home page for ease in surfing. As others join the study and start from the beginning, it will be good for them to see current posts so the Study will feel 'fresh' no matter the date.

2. Where can I get the code for the button? It is in my sidebar. Just grab the code and insert it in your post as well as your sidebar for easy access to the Study.

A couple more things:

  • 1. Please visit one another to view and discuss other insights into the Discussion questions for the week. It is such an encouragement to share your thoughts on these Lessons. Think Group Bible Study without everyone staring at you until you answer! :)

  • 2. You don't have to ask to use the button link. The more the merrier! :)

  • 3. I have added a Feed Blitz Sign Up link in my sidebar for you to subscribe to this blog. New posts will be delivered to your email each day! How cool is that!?

Do you have any other questions? Everything running smoothly and are you finding the links you need? Please let me know if I can answer anything for you .... Ya'll are the greatest~

Again, thank you for blessing me by participating in this Study. I am enjoying every second of it and hope you are too! :)
Have a wonderful Friday!!