On Popularity and Strange Hair

Years ago when I was in grade school, there was never any shortage of ways to rate one's popularity. I'm a child of the seventies so Star Wars typically dominated our recess re-enactments. (Anyone remember with me, North Rossville friends?) There was one girl who took gymnastics that always got the role of Princess Leia - primarily because she could do a mean back spring and her mother prepared her to claim the role each day by fixing her hair in side buns.

You can't argue with a finely executed side bun.

So, I was usually given some lesser role that involved either being a man or alien. Thank the Lord Jar Jar Binks wasn't around yet to complete my humiliation. After a few days of watching everyone bow to Princess Leia, I decided it was time to defect and be my own superhero. I embraced my inner Jamie Sommers and led all the other disenchanted non-Princesses to the swing set where we were free to channel our favorite heroine. We were our own Justice League where every one's bullet proof bracelets and bionic ears were needed to overcome the baddest of the bad guys - be they random boys who liked to throw rocks at us or gymnasts with perfect side buns.

{Can I believe I just romanticized playground discontent in such a way? The vertigo must be having its way with me..}

So that little trip down memory lane may have little or nothing to do with why I am writing today other than I am going to propose a little popularity contest of my own. We have arrived in the point of my book publishing that we are seeking out a known pastor's wife to approach in writing the Foreword. In essence, this will be a popular girl introducing an unpopular one to her besties.

I precluded this request with my little story because I want you to make clear in the Justice League of the Christian World, there are many, many pastors/wives who influence us equally but in different ways. I am often ashamed at our proclivity to make Christian Superstars from those called to minister the Gospel. Those ministers I hold in regard are sickened by the thought of such a thing and contributing to that environment is not what I suggest we do.

What I am asking of you today is to share the names of those pastors/wives who both A) through the obvious empowering of the Holy Spirit's work in their ministries have a national name recognition and B) who have greatly influenced your own lives through their humility and right-handling of the Word of Truth and C) whose introduction to this book would help you rely on its content as biblical, relevant, and trustworthy.

The names you give will be the ones we ask to write the foreword and read the book to endorse it for you. Your suggestions will be weighed carefully but please keep one mind: No weird-haired princesses will be considered.

(I should make it clear I adore the Princess in the above story just in case she happens to read. I'm not bitter. Really.)

I've added a poll with a few name suggestions but please feel free to add your own faves by using the Other box. If you choose this option, don't forget to provide the name when prompted. Also, add the name in the comments of the poll as it appears the 'other' answers are not showing up. And one more thing, this is NOT JUST FOR MINISTRY WIVES. I want to hear from ALL of you! I'm thanking you once again for all the input you've given in this process. I could never have gotten this completed without you!